October 03, 2012

     ➼ vintage deadstock black suede shoulder bag
     ➼ vintage silk leopard print jacket
     ➼ vintage silk wrap dress
     ➼ 1970s tall leather boots size 7 1/2
     ➼ 1960s checkered wool cape coat

All new in the shop this week! I've been joining things lately, I recently joined pinterest and instagram, my name there is secretlake. There is not much there just yet though. I am also on twitter, I've been there for a little while, you can view my twitter feed here. Besides that I made a new discovery this week, apple cider donuts! I had never had one ever! There is a vegan donut shop near my apartment and I have to fight the urge to go there like everyday. It is so hard. They are so good.

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