August 11, 2009

A long time ago I thrifted the heels in the lower photo, I loved them so much but they were not my size so I ended up sending them off to the black hole known as ebay. Earlier this summer I discovered swedish hasbeens and I have had them bookmarked on my computer ever since, they are so alike but new. I finally caved and a pair arrived via ups today, they are so pretty but I am having a hard time deciding whether to keep them or not. I guess in some ways it's more special to thrift something, and less expensive too. What an important decision to make, I know. In other news tomorrow I am signing a contract for work, I have never done such a thing. I'm a little nervous. It is going to involve a lot of craftiness, in preparation I have recently been haunting the aisles of jo-ann fabrics, stocking up on christmas colored thread and pompoms. I have this strange faith that it will all work out but it's completely unknown territory so who really knows. I remember when I used to work at a store, I was shy and one of my co workers would coach me from the sidelines, he would whisper the word "attack" and push me off towards the next customer, (we worked on commission.) I always think of him when I start something new, I want to attack it. Give me an ice coffee and a pair of scissors and I'll see you sometime in the future, pale and awkward from my loss of social skills.

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  1. No one can do things like you can. That is your advantage. MJ