August 10, 2009

This afternoon I took photos of the new items going up in the shop, here are a few of them. I went thrifting with my aunt on Saturday and found so many things, it was crazy. They've started to put out a lot more winter coats at the Salvation Army and I found a couple of 1940's ones for the shop, they are amazing. I would have taken pictures of them today but it was so hot, if I had put on a wool coat you would have found my lifeless body on the floor later on this evening. Today I also ran into Hilary at the post office where it is normally insane but in the heat it was extra mental, the energy of the place was one of lurching despair, it just felt like the window was endlessly far away. Hilary was picking up a box of vintage generic beer cans she had ordered off the internet, we discussed this as a woman behind me in line berated the manager about the key not working in her p.o. box. She was screaming. I kept inching away from her but then she would come closer, it was too hot for it really. 

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