January 15, 2010

I'm blogging a lot today but hey, whatever! I made a shirt! From a vintage pattern with liberty of london fabric. It still needs a zipper but that's it. I went over valerie's house today for some guidance on zipper sewing, she made me an amazing grilled cheese with apple and maple syrup. and tea. it was good. We went for a walk and came upon this random cafe, the christmas lights in the big plate glass window drew us in. Also the fact that there are not very many cafes nearby, it was an anomaly on the barren industrial street we were walking down. They had a chalkboard menu outside that said "Brownies, $1" and we couldn't say no to that. When we walked in though it was immediately apparent that it was a bad idea, we felt bad walking back out so fast so we followed through. There were a few people sitting around knitting and the side wall was stacked high with yarn, there were saran wrapped deserts waiting to be purchased on the counter so we each got a brownie and then made ourselves scarce. Out on the street we opened them up and took a bite, we were both grossed out fast, it was the stalest most tasteless brownie of all time. The sun was shining and it was warmer than it has been, it heightened the weirdness as I tossed the brownie in a trashcan on the walk home. It was surreal.

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