January 15, 2010

This is one of the best things I found on wednesday, it was at the antique shop next to one of my favorite thrift stores. It is so very awesome. It was a crazy day, I went to pick up my rental car and the one that I had reserved was returned by the previous customer with a broken windshield, all they had left were pick up trucks. I said sure, I'll take one of those but really it was so not cool. It was a really big truck, a monster truck practically. I could hardly park it and driving on the highway was not fun. I have driven u-haul trucks before and those are even easier, the side mirrors are long so you can see the cars beside you, on this truck the mirrors were not good enough, they were short and no matter how i shifted them I had major blind spots. Oh and the heat was blasting and I couldn't figure out how to shut it off! I need a navigator for the radio and temperature control. No one wants to wake up as early in the morning as I do though, thrifting is like farming, you wake up when it's still dark out so you can get to all the places in one day.

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