February 24, 2010

I encountered this doll in a thrift store today, for a moment I was mesmerized by her hair, it was so poodle like and scary. A moment after I took this picture I came upon the most wonderful rack of 1960s dresses. I can't wait to put them up in the shop.

In other news I just went out to get something from the car and had to step over the lady of the stairs. Ever since I have lived here this woman will randomly sit on the bottom step of the stairwell inside the building. To paint a picture she is heavy set and always reeks of alcohol, she also speaks no english or pretends not to. She usually has a beer and she sits in complete silence, occasionally I will see her chatting with a man from the first floor. She doesn't have a key to the building because I have seen her waiting outside for someone to follow in. She has a really unpleasant disposition, she will not move and if you have to go up or come down the stairs you have to step over her, it's really awkward. I usually get mad and we give each other looks. Tonight she waved at jason and he was totally freaked out.

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