July 05, 2010

I went to the lake this weekend for the fourth of july. I always admire some of the old lake houses, this one is across the street. There used to be more, across the lake when I was a kid there were a whole bunch of serious little A-frame houses, they looked almost like teepees. Over the past decade people have torn them down to build ugly modern homes in their places, houses you dont even notice when you drive by because they are that boring. While I was there I went out on a motor boat with my cousin and his friend, they were driving and we got too close to the shoreline and they hit a rock with the boat. It was jarring and unexpected. It broke the prop and it's super expensive to fix so they were pretty sad. Besides that I was glad to be out of hot brooklyn and I love the water, I think in a past life I may have been a fish. Based on my inability to tan though I think I was probably one of those deep sea transparent fish. One of those eyeless ones that live in caves.

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