July 03, 2010

So, I have a new story! This past week I was looking on craigslist for a bust form for my store, I have been looking for one of those linen ones with the metal cage on the bottom, I think those look so great in photographs. I found an ad for vintage clothing, mannequins and clothing racks, apparently a vintage shop went out of business and they wanted to sell everything left over as one lot. I was intriqued, they were asking a lot of money for it but I thought perhaps it would be negotiable. I wrote to her and she said that it was a lot of stuff from the 50's through the 80's and that I could come by this weekend to see it. I asked if there were any photos but she didn't have any, I was still interested so I decided to go even though it was quite a drive to get there. I woke up early and cleaned out the back of my dad's pick up truck and lined the floor of it with plastic. I had never been to the town it was in so I had no idea what to expect. We get off the highway and drive through fancy looking neighborhoods before getting to her driveway, it was long and winding and at the end was this huge mansion with a sprawling manicured lawn. It was so exciting, my expectations ratcheted up a notch as I stepped out of the car. I rang the doorbell and the housekeeper answered, I told her who I was looking for and she said she would go and wake her up. I was a little surprised because at this point it was 11 am. I waited a while and admired the yard, it was really impressive. This girl comes to the door in her pajamas, no socks or anything and she tells me it's all downstairs in the basement. We get down there and she gestures to this dark closet off to the side, it contained a small stack of those big rubber maid containers and a couple of trash bags of things as well. I was surprised, I guess I expected it to be hung on hangers or at least out in some way for viewing. She asked if I wanted her to open them up and I said of course. As I started to look through it I was amazed, it was so awful and not even that old of stuff, what I saw looked mainly late eigties if even that. There was a trash bag full of crushed and dented vintage hats, I didn't foresee any future for them as being wearable at all. As I lifted out some of the clothing to see it better some dirt and chips of what looked like bark mulch fell out and onto the floor. I said hold up, I don't think this is really my thing, thanks anyways! I was out of there fast. Luckily we passed a thrift store on the way home so it wasn't a total bust. It just totally blew me away, what she was trying sell was just shockingly awful and she wanted so much money for it. I have a feeling it will all appear in the salvation army one of these days.

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