July 01, 2010

A preview of some of my favorite things going into the shop tonight. Yesterday I went thrift shopping and I brought along my friends Marna and Jeremiah, it was totally so fun. I always go alone so it was great to have company. And such enthusiastic company they were, they seemed to be just as excited as I always am. I told them they have to keep my secrets though, I drove them around so much I think it disoriented them and they wont remember where we were. Ok, so sipping on a shared ice coffee while listening to your horoscope while driving down the highway while listening to the cure with bags and bags and bags of new vintage clothing in the trunk is the BEST.


  1. Found your blog through your etsy! Such a cute store! Love it! Just opened a vintage etsy of my own. Love. Those shoes are amazing by the way. Truly amazing.


  2. thanks! and good luck with your store