July 31, 2010

Today I hung out with Bree, we also spent time with Valerie and Pat at the beginning and end of the day. I accompanied her and Louis to the waterpark which I never knew was right next to the Mccarren Park Pool, it has a huge scary turtle in the center of it with red eyes and flaking paint.


We also visited the newest location of the store "Junk" where I admired this cat painting.


We then had dinner at Taco Chulo which is one of my favorite places around. I came home to find that Jason had thrown up his new dog treats onto his fur so he needed a bath straight away, he likes to run around like a lunatic every time he gets a bath, it's really something to see. This is him after he calmed down. His legs are so long and lanky, he's like a baby foal.

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