August 01, 2010

All new tonight in my etsy shop. I am currently having like the worst night ever, the power went out around 8, at first I thought oh, a fuse must have blown so I ventured down to the scary basement to flip the switch. I came back up and it was to no avail, the power was definitely out. I called ConEd and reported it to the automated system, then I realized I could hear the t.v. from the apartment next store and it dawned on me that it was only my apartment that could be out. I sat down and thats when the lights began to flicker, they have been coming on and going off for the past few hours, it's sort of like a horror movie. I started to panic thinking that mice chewed the wiring and that the building was going to burn down so I called my landlord, you have to call him like 8 times though to get a response. I went outside and realized it's the whole right side of the building, the guys who work in the convenience store downstairs looked very stressed out, they were flipping the fuse box switches and it just came back on for more than five minutes, I am hoping it doesn't fail again while I type this. I just got a call saying that an electrician is coming, I have to wait up for them. I don't know how they can even figure out where the wires are broken. It seems like it would require x-ray vision, I don't know how they do it. Of course tomorrow I have to wake up so early, of all days for this to be happening. I wish I could bring Jason to work with me tomorrow, I'm going to be worried about him all day.

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