August 13, 2010

the foxes

I have had such a strange week, one the the highlights would be the day that I got to go thrift shopping where I found this book as well as a lot of new stuff for my store. On Tuesday I got to walk around with my friend Josh, we visited a new record shop/ taxidermy/ coffee shop in Brooklyn called Black Gold, it was very cool and I hope they do well. They had a stuffed hyena in the corner next to their record player. Yesterday I was hired for a random job over the phone by someone I have never met in person, I was sent to an Orthodox Jewish designer clothing store in Coney Island to repair a fallen window display. I had to do it alone which was an added stress. I was warned that when I got off the train out there that I would be in a strange land, I found that to be true. The shop owner treated me horribly, I don't know if that was because I am a girl or if it was because I am me, I had to call the guy who hired me to intervene and to explain to them that I knew what I was doing. I repaired the display and left with this massive relief that I would never go there again.

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