August 16, 2010

I am seriously looking forward to Fall with some of the new items in my shop. Lately I have been keeping an eye out for vintage coats and jackets, I also just found a lot of amazing boots, I will be listing some of those tomorrow. I swear if I were a size 7 1/2 I would be so happy, almost every pair I ever find is that size. I also have a gross story for you, from last night. I hailed a cab with Jason in a bag that I was carrying, the cab driver drove half a block and then got out to vomit on the sidewalk saying that he was deathly allergic to dogs. I was like "but he's a poodle?!" I jumped out quick, but then I kept wondering if it was really because I said that I was going to Brooklyn, no cabs ever want to leave Manhattan. I suppose that would be a pretty dramatic move if that were the case. I was surprised that someone could be allergically moved to vomit in under a minute, especially since Jason just had a bath and Poodles don't even shed, they are special! Who knows.

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