August 19, 2010

Here is Jason at his regular perch by the window. He likes to keep an eye on the goings on outside. Yes, so yesterday was my birthday and it was totally great! Early in the day while I was waiting for the train I noticed a little boy standing near me with one of those metallic helium balloons that read "Happy Birthday" while his mom took pictures of him. A little while later I was in a store and two people right next to me embraced and one said to the other "Happy Birthday!" Then when I got home the front hallway was full of drunk guys who I have to say "excuse me" to to get up the stairs, one of them stumbled out of the way spilling beer all over the floor. They apologized saying that they were celebrating one of their birthdays. I was like huh, weird! These are the guys who whenever I walk Jason they always say "God Bless God Bless, God Bless the animals." I take it that they are always stoned, I don't think they are aware of how ridiculous they are. So I bought a new dress, it is all black and mini and the sleeves get kind of wider at the ends, the word that came to mind when I tried it on was "witchcraft." I will be wearing it while casting spells when the weather cools down. In the evening I went out for mexican food with some of my favorite friends, I had a rose flavored margarita. Then we walked around and I ended up sitting outside at Five Leaves to have some dessert. I had this rosewater flavored sugar concoction known as a pavlova, it was a bit like hardened cotton candy. Then I walked home in a sugar fugue state.


  1. Happy Birthday seems to have happened in so many ways. How old are you now anyway? Younger than me, right?