October 26, 2010

new in the shop, a 1960's black tapestry coat with flared sleeves, it's really pretty amazing. also in other news I got some new shoes!

They are made by Jeffrey Campbell and I love them but they are really uncomfortable. I wore them to taco bell yesterday with my friend Matt and it was just around the corner but I was glad to take them off when I got home. Matt's friends band recently got sponsored by taco bell and they received like $1000 in gift certificates so he gave some to Matt. I went out of curiosity so I didn't eat any of the food, I haven't been in one of those in maybe 15 years, not even on road trips. The food is so cheap but it looks pretty gnarly when you look around at what everyone is eating, the purple tile floors don't help either. I also stepped in someones cinnamon chewing gum while we were there, I was trying to scrape it off with a plastic straw while he stood at the register ordering some chalupas, it was surreal. When we left Matt remarked that it felt like we just left a health clinic, I concurred. So yeah about my shoes, I am going to take them somewhere to get stretched, hopefully they will fit better then.

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