May 28, 2011

AHHHH! Look at these shoes, are they not amazing?! Never worn, 1970s navy blue and white platform sandals, size 6 1/2. I am in love with them.

Besides the shoes, something else happened, last night at around 3 am Jason puked on my laptop. It was sitting closed on the floor with my cellphone next to it, he managed to puke on them both. I quickly cleaned it up but when I tried to turn it on it would just not start. I brought it to the apple store this morning feeling heartsick and of course they had bad news, they said it would cost $750 for them to try to fix it, it was not a guarantee that it would work either. The guy was like yeah, you should just get a new one. I owned it just a little more than a year so it was very distressing to look at the laptops for sale as they were exactly the same. They tried to talk me into apple care but it does not cover liquid damage which is what always happens to computers that I own, I said no thanks. It was already a stretch to get another. Now I am struggling to get my photos edited, the Iphoto on this one is super weird and different.  I need to be more careful with things. It was so odd that he woke up to throw up right there, on all my important things. At least my crappy cell phone is fine, it's amazing that what destroyed the computer didn't effect the phone at all.

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