May 24, 2011

Some new items in the shop today! Let's see, whats new, I worked a lot at my freelance job last week and it wasn't so bad, Erika and I found a new juice truck that parks outside our building and we realized it is the best thing ever. They sell just plain juice and smoothies with real fruit, it's not like jamba juice in a styrofoam cup (that place makes me really mad) I got a cucumber - celery - lemon juice and she got a watermelon - coconut smoothie. We were extra charmed by the fact that they write "meoww" on the cups with a sharpie! And they were only $4! I wish that truck was everywhere. I am also excited about other things, for one I just bought a plane ticket to LA. I am so excited, I can't wait. I am imagining that it will be all parties and cake and ice coffees and I don't know what else. I have really high expectations for this trip. I have been mentally packing a suitcase everyday. Then when I get back we are going to take another cooking class, this time we are learning how to make vegan tamales. I am very much looking forward to the month of June. 

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