December 19, 2011

All new in the shop! What else is new, I was in New Jersey the other day, it was totally weird. I promised to help my dad pick up some furniture in exchange for a ride home to Brooklyn. We went to pick it all up in this gated community, that was what was so weird about it. All the houses were nearly identical, the lawns were all mowed to the exact same height and everything was white and beige. The sidewalks were so clean, there wasn't a single speck of flattened chewing gum or even a dead leaf on the ground. A lady came out to get the mail from her mailbox in her white slippers, thats how clean the ground was. It made me think of Celebration Florida, I recall there was an old X-Files episode about that place. Yikes.


  1. We have bunches of subdivisions here that are like that. I get completely lost because there are no landmarks that set things apart. Just the same houses in the same colors...over and over..and grass that is bright green all Winter.

  2. Yikes! Did I ever tell you about the time that the Boston people and I rode around Celebration one night and got pulled over by the police?? We were literally just driving slowly through the neighborhood, quietly gawking. Not allowed! Those places are set up to breed xenophobia.