December 22, 2011

This note from 1968 was in the pocket of the coat in the top photo, it reads:

Dear Don,

I have been to see you but you were asleep. I hated to wake you. Will come again soon. Take care now and God bless you. Your in my thoughts always.

Love you,


The question I have is what was it doing in a woman's coat pocket? Did she change her mind after writing it and not leave the note? Or is she another woman who found the note at the door and took it so Don would never get it? We will never know. 

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  1. Ooh! The intrigue of that note! I love the plaid cape and the plaid dress from your previous post. Oh, to not be a plus sized girl and be able to snatch those up.

  2. I know! I wish I found notes like this one more often. I will keep my eye out for more larger sizes, I hope to someday get another bust form in a larger size so that I can photograph everything properly.